You understand that holistic healing is comprehensive + includes mind, body + spirit

You'd love to be the one to break the generational curses

You've always been interested in learning about herbalism + holistic healing

You desire to live a holistic lifestyle but don't know where to start

You struggle with chronic illness or infection and want to know how to heal yourself

If this sounds like you - you should be a student at the Institute of Ancestral Medicine! 

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We're going to show you how to incorporate ancestral wisdom, traditional healing techniques, vital herbalism, and more in a modern way - this will transform the way you live and experience life.

We've taken years of knowledge, studies & experience and made it all easy to digest!

look no further.

From learning how to holistically care specifically for your reproductive system, children, and your overall physical body - to learning how to naturally address mental health disorders, deepen your spiritual connection, and so much more. 

learn to live + embody a truly holistic way of life

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My sister is healed. If I didn't see it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it. She went from stage 4 - to healed. Thank you so much, Anuuma - just thank you.

The doctors kept sending her all over for more tests because even they couldn't believe it.

I'm a believer, the food is the medicine.

Breast cancer, gone.

Anuuma, your medicine works miracles! My husband calls you the baby maker! Now we have to be careful or I'll keep getting pregnant! LOL

Multiple miscarriages to healthy twin birth

I haven't gotten my period in months. My doctor tried to put me on birth control to try to fix what was wrong, but she couldn't figure it out. After taking your HBF as instructed, I'm happy to say I got my cycle back for the first time in forever! My doctor is so intrigued and wants to know how you did it. 

My doctor asked me how I did it.

Student & Client success stories right from their own mouths

real life results

& knows what to do"
divinely designed
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give your body the optimal conditions it needs to thrive. support it with herbal medicine & watch it heal.

Journey deeply with a new plant kin each month for a year. Practice with herbal recipes for homework to make learning herbs fun + interactive.

Get started by learning about medicinal herbs with the Plant Passage Course


We believe that there are no incurable diseases, plant-medicine is for the people, and everyone can be their own doctor. 

Learn to become your own Natural Doctor with the Holistic Women's Health Course

I'm a mother, Master Herbalist, Medicine Woman, professional chef, certified spiritual counselor, holistic sex educator, and so much more. I have dedicated my life to passing on the wisdom of our ancestors and helping women discover natural healing through the power of plants.

As someone who has healed herself naturally of chronic yeast, vaginal cysts, sexual trauma, and so much more, and has helped thousands of others do the same… I’m honored to have the opportunity to share my years of experience and knowledge with you.

The truth is, as women (especially BIPOC women) we are often traumatized by a broken and racist healthcare system that sometimes harms more than it helps. By embracing natural healing, you can discover true wellness and heal from the inside out... and as I’ve discovered for myself, you can help elevate your community while being divinely compensated for it as a healing practitioner.

Consider this your sacred invitation to give yourself the gift of natural healing by joining me on this journey.



Hey! I'm Anuuma, and I'm excited to share this ancestral wisdom with you.

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