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the average doctorate degree costs $100,000 & takes 8 years to obtain

the average doctor is trained in symptom suppression not root cause healing

the avg doctorate degree includes little to no education about nutrition or prevention

the average doctor is sick and is in the business of prescribing drugs to suppress symptoms

Truth is, we don't pass down generational dis-eases. We pass down diet and lifestyle. Constant sickness, drugs, and chronic imbalances are not normal. In this program, we teach you how to address the root cause, we don't suppress symptoms. 

join the women committing to bring healing to the community

Are you ready to eradicate "generational diseases" and help the collective heal with herbal medicine?

ancestral medicine woman

certification program


only 55 students spots available this year
if you feel the call,

tired of being told to pop pills like skittles or over seeing your loved ones suffer with no real solution?

Everything is curable, nature always provides, and you CAN be your own doctor.

You are tired of losing family members to diseases you know are preventable + curable

You've been struggling with chronic illness, ailments, and imbalance with no relief

You're tired of watching people suffer + want to be a part of the collective solution to helping people heal naturally

& knows what to do"
divinely designed
body is
are no
give your body the optimal conditions it needs to thrive. support it with herbal medicine & watch it heal.

My sister is healed. If I didn't see it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it. She went from stage 4 - to healed. Thank you so much, Anuuma - just thank you.

The doctors kept sending her all over for more tests because even they couldn't believe it.

I'm a believer, the food is the medicine.

Breast cancer, gone.

Anuuma, your medicine works miracles! My husband calls you the baby maker! Now we have to be careful or I'll keep getting pregnant! LOL

Multiple miscarriages to healthy twin birth

I haven't gotten my period in months. My doctor tried to put me on birth control to try to fix what was wrong, but she couldn't figure it out. After taking your HBF as instructed, I'm happy to say I got my cycle back for the first time in forever! My doctor is so intrigued and wants to know how you did it. 

My doctor asked me how I did it.

Student & Client success stories right from their own mouths

real life results

It's not called the Ancestral Medicine Woman Program for no reason. You'll learn specifically about helping women heal at all stages of life. Maiden, Mother, and 
Wise Woman. This is where true ancestral + generational healing begin. 

holistic women's health

medicinal formulation

Learn how to expertly formulate herbal medicine for yourself, family, and clients - medicine so divinely formulated that you'll get better results than you did with the drugs your doctor "prescribed to calm your symptoms".

clinical herbalism

Ready to learn herbalism in a way that many know nothing about? We leave the allopathic way of healing behind, and learn herbalism so that it is personalized for the person, not the trendy "this herb for that symptom".

holistic nutrition

After a deep dive into anatomy and physiology - you're going to get an incredible eduction on holistic nutrition in our Food as Medicine Portal. The foundation of health starts here. 

In just 12 months you'll be well equipped with everything you need to walk the path of the medicine woman, work with clients, and be your own doctor!

The secret is our combination of impeccable, thorough curriculum
+ hands on coaching

dont miss out!

If you're passionate about holistic healing, want to learn all about herbal medicine, how to heal yourself and others, and want to walk this path as a career - this is the right place for you.

you want to be able to heal yourself - no matter what

you want to help heal your family & the collective

you are extremely passionate about holistic healing and want to pursue it as a career 

you feel the pull to persue herbal medicine on a soul level

Is this program for ME?

you might be wondering...

- ancestral medicine woman student

This is a awesome program with great supporters and no silly bells and whistles where you pay a whole lot for nothing. There are so many out there and you don't know what to choose. I appreciate the founding and finding of this from the bottom of my soul."

"This is a awesome program - I appreciate the founding and finding of this from the bottom of my soul."


The community that's build in within it is such a joy to be a part of. It feels good to be among so many life-beings that are going through the same path and we can learn and build off one another.

The community that's build in within it is such a joy to be a part of. It feels good to be among so many life-beings that are going through the same path...


Can I say the invitation to starting the initiation over was sooullll on time? My poop has never been better. I just ate two clementines and pooped them out less than an hour later. What typa transit is that??? I have NEVA! Really proud of myself and my body. I have not been perfect and I am still seeing progress. If that is NOT a testimony, I don't know what is! 

"My poop has never been better - Really proud of myself and my body. I have not been perfect and I am still seeing progress. If that is NOT a testimony, I don't know what is! ."

but what about...

Hold up, wait a minute!

You do not need to have any experience with Clinical Herbalism or Holistic Healing & Medicine to thrive in this program. What you do need is the desire to heal yourself and others, and the intention to commit to your own growth on this soul-elevating journey.

Whether you’re totally new to this or have been walking this path for a while, the Ancestral Medicine Woman Certification Program™ is for you.

But what if I have absolutely NO herbalism experience?

There are so many options. You can pursue a full-time career as a clinical herbalist, start your own apothecary, open an herbal clinic, and so much more. There are no limits.  The average herbalist can make up to $120,000 per year or more based on their business model and offerings.

What can I do with my certification after I graduate? 

This is an accelerated degree-level holistic medicine program. The average doctorate program costs over $100,000 and requires 8 years of your life - and still doesn't provide you with all of the tools needed to be your own healer. This program provides you with a thorough education, direct mentorship from Anuuma, MH, personalized coaching + support, and so much more in just a 12 month timeframe, at a fraction of the tuition. 

And what kind of time investment does this take? I don't have very much extra time.


limited slots available

If this is calling you, apply

We're dedicated to breaking the generational curses with ancestral medicine & intentional living.

ancestral medicine woman

certification program

I'm a mother, Master Herbalist, Medicine Woman, professional chef, certified spiritual counselor, holistic sex educator, and so much more. I have dedicated my life to passing on the wisdom of our ancestors and helping women discover natural healing through the power of plants.

As someone who has healed herself naturally of chronic yeast, vaginal cysts, sexual trauma, and so much more, and has helped thousands of others do the same… I’m honored to have the opportunity to share my years of experience and knowledge with you.

The truth is, as women (especially BIPOC women) we are often traumatized by a broken and racist healthcare system that sometimes harms more than it helps. By embracing natural healing, you can discover true wellness and heal from the inside out... and as I’ve discovered for myself, you can help elevate your community while being divinely compensated for it as a healing practitioner.

Consider this your sacred invitation to give yourself the gift of natural healing by joining me on this journey.



Hey! I'm Anuuma, and I'm excited to share this ancestral wisdom with you.